Be forewarned: don’t loan out your Hat Cozy, because you won’t get it back!

What kind of hats can I wear a HatCozy with?
The Hat Cozy is specifically made to be worn with tight-fitting hats, like cowboy hats, riding helmets, and baseball caps. They also work well with bicycling helmets, rock-climbing helmets, motorcycle helmets, and construction hard hats.

How long should I make the strap?
The strap is adjustable for different hats and different heads. For a given hat, make the strap short enough that none of the strap shows below the hat when both are on your head. Your hat should push on the top edge of the HatCozy a bit; this makes the Cozy cup around your ears best. If the HatCozy feels a little loose in front along your cheeks, the strap probably needs to be shortened. If you hat keeps popping off, likely the strap is adjusted a bit too short for that hat.

Will the Small-Medium HatCozy fit children?
From about age 4 or 5, yes — it’ll just cover their ears and a bit of their cheeks. Kids’ heads are nearly as big as adult’s heads. And any younger, well, you’ll probably put another type of hat on the littlest tykes.

I have clamp-on ear warmers, but they tend to fall down, uncovering the tops of my ears. Does the HatCozy fall down or move around? How does the HatCozy stay on? Under the hat, what’s it look like, elastic? is it adjustable?
See the drawing just below on this page to see where the strap goes. The strap is not elastic, because elastic would be too thick and, if not exactly your size, would pop your hat off if too short, and get tired and stretched when it got old. And no velcro to get stuck in your hair, either. We use ultrasuede® for the straps: it’s thin yet strong, and doesn’t fray, plus it has friction to it, so it won’t slip or fall down. There’s a small plastic buckle for adjusting the strap to fit your head with all your different-fitting hats. Nothing to attach — it’s quick to put on & take off!

Does the buckle get in the way of my hat’s sweatband?how the HatCozy rides on your head, under your hat: the thin ultrasuede strap is connected to the HatCozy near each temple, and goes over the top of the head to keep the HatCozy on and in place.
Heck no — that would be uncomfortable! When wearing The HatCozy, place the strap, with the buckle about mid-way, across the top of your head, not on your forehead. There’s a bit of space in the crown of nearly all hats; you won’t even notice the buckle.

How do I clean my HatCozy?
Machine wash and hang dry — the faux suede is fabric! More specifically: wash it in cool water with like colors, using regular detergent. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener; and never bother with ironing it! For durability, it is best to hang dry your HatCozy. But if it sneaks into your clothes dryer, it’ll be okay.

I have long hair. Will a HatCozy still fit?
Absolutely. The HatCozy covers the ears and the back of the head, but it curves up in back where a braid or ponytail fits nicely. This curve also allows for coverage of the back of the head, but clears your collar, even if you have short hair. I find that with a cowboy hat, I’ll position the HatCozy above/atop my braid. With a ballcap or a riding helmet that has a hole up higher for my ponytail, I’ll put the HatCozy below/under my ponytail which is pulled through the hole in the hat/helmet.

Help me with choosing a size.
The Small-Medium HatCozy fits folks with heads up to hat size 7 1/8, which is most women and youth, too. The Large covers the ears of people who wear hat sizes 7 1/4 and larger; most men, or those that could wear either size, and want more coverage. If you keep your hair very short to non-existent, opt toward the smaller size HatCozy.

Below is a chart of hat sizes and corresponding head circumference (measured where your hat grips your head). It shows US Hat Size, head circumference in inches, Metric Hat Size (same as head circumference in cm) and corresponding HatCozy sizes. Note that British hat sizes are 1/8 larger than American; i.e., British size 7 1/8 is is equivalent to American size 7 1/4.

hat size chart in inches and cm