Why the HatCozy?

Because you just can’t warm your ears in your armpits!™

I searched and searched for a solution to the dilemma of versatile cold-weather headwear. Hot or cold weather, I like wearing a cowboy hat when it’s sunny to keep the sun out of my eyes. I like wearing a cowboy hat when it’s raining and snowing, so I don’t get pelted in the face and down my collar. Hat ear warmer, the HatCozy, worn by woman clearing snow off her truck windshieldBut when it’s cold, especially cold and windy, my ears would ache with cold.

I tried brimmed hats with fold-down flaps, but when I unfolded the flaps over my ears, the hat was loose and rode on the bridge of my nose. I tried buying a larger hat and wearing a fleece headband under it, but that was expensive, the hat was still darn tight and hurt, and when the weather, or I, warmed up, if I took off the headband, again, I’d be wearing my hat on the bridge of my nose.

Then I thought I saw the solution: those spring-loaded fleece headbands that wrap around the back of your head. I bought one, but after wearing it for about an hour, I had a headache — the thing stays on by squeezing the sides of your head, right on the temples — ouch! Nearly everyone I’ve talked to about them told me that they got headaches from the spring-action, too.

So, I invented the HatCozy
It’s warm. Easy to put on and take off. The only part under the hat is the strap, which is thin, so it doesn’t change the fit of my hats! The straps have friction, so cowboy hats don’t slip off. The buckle rides out of the way on top of the head, and gives the garment adjustability for a custom fit for the different hats I wear.

English rider in helmet with ear warmer, blanketing her horseIt just rides on the head, no attachment hassles. Only two sizes cover everybody’s heads. I make them from fleece and this great machine-washable fabric that looks, feels and blocks wind like suede. And, when the weather or I warm up, then I just slip it off and stick it in a pocket.

The HatCozy is made for cowboy hats, riding helmets and ball caps, and it also warms up construction helmets, fedoras, bicycling helmets, even stocking caps.

Made in the USA
Made in the U.S.A.Yes, I manufacture the HatCozy in the USA. That means the garment is more expensive than if it were made in, say, China. It’s important to me to pay fair wages to whomever is working with me, and to be smart about our resources, which means buying as close to home as I can. The HatCozy is made by really great sewers just over the pass, right here in Oregon. Plus, I know exactly what fabrics are in the HatCozy, and that dangerous chemicals are not coating these fabrics.

woman in snow and cowboy hat, with her working border collieThe HatCozy is made from high-quality materials. The fleece is the best made: Polartec® developed by Malden Mills in Massachusetts; resists pilling extremely well, meaning it keeps its loft and warmth better. Other materials are high-quality machine-washable fabric suedes. Yes, these fabrics are more expensive than most, but they are durable and will provide you with warmth for years. These materials shed horse hair, dog hair (and your hair!) and hay much better than their cheaper counterparts.

Yes, I back up The HatCozy’s materials and workmanship. I want the worst problem you have with your HatCozy is that your best friend steals it from you! If you ever have any problems with a HatCozy, please contact me and I’ll make it right.
— Lynn Woodward, owner, Gambado Garment Co.